Creativity while high

Creativity while High in Art Production.

Got some primo buds in your hands? Well, that is nice for you. However, it isn’t enough to be high, but when there is creativity while high, then that is more than enough. For the ambitious ones, getting high is not an idling time, because there are plenty of productive and entertaining things that you can do. Today we are going to talk about creativity while high, especially when in art production. Why? We do understand that you are a discerning stoner and it’s not just enough to stare at a dog/cat wondering what its doing. No, you need to be at your best while you are high.

 Marijuana is a stimulant, and as most stimulants, they do boost outputs of all kinds. Despite that, this also comes with nuances and caveats on a short term basis. Marijuana has been known to triggering creative productivity though this depends on the dosage and person’s capacity for restraint. I know as an artist, you are curious to understand the connectivity of Marijuana and art production. Well sit back, grab your cup of coffee and let’s nail this to the head once and for all.



Puff, Pass, and Paint.


Marijuana is profusely known for activating the creative zones in your mind i.e., the creativity while high zone. If you can’t paint with a clear mind, why won’t you try out one of this? To participate in the Puff, Pass, and Paint creativity while high, you need to be from a state where Marijuana is legal. This is a perfect position to exercise this creativity. The puff, pass, and paint can always be done with your friends when you are high. You can also go for this in a group of people or just when entertaining your friends in town. The puff, pass, and paint is a recreational activity when you are high, and you can perform in the following locations;

  • Denver
  • Brooklyn
  • Boston
  • Portland
  • Oakland
  • San Francisco
  • Los Angeles
  • Seattle.

The Puff, pass, and paint is not all about showcasing your levels of artistic creativity. It’s also about being part of an atmosphere that is comfortable, relaxed, and open-minded. This is what enables you to come with a masterpiece of your originality.

This sense of community creates a setting that is intimidating and inspiring. In this painting classes you will be provided with painting materials; all paints, canvas panel, and all the art supplies. You are also encouraged to smoke and even come in with edibles and any marijuana intakes.


Writing Creativity while High

Writing creativity while high might sound reasonably controversial. I know you have heard of great writers such as Papa Hemingway who loved his booze. We also have the likes of phenomenal writers such as Hunter S. Thompson and William S. Burroughs, who loved their Marijuana before writing.

Well, from the two, it confirms the creativity connection in writing and Marijuana. We also have other famous writers dubbed as the blue stoner writers. This includes the likes of Chuck Palahniuk, Stephen King, Michael Chabon, etc. for sure, this showcases plenty of history between creativity while high, especially in the writing sector.

Most of the aspiring writers are willing to do anything to take their game to the next level. And Marijuana is the next big thing in this industry at the moment. Do you have any compelling reason not to try out this as a writer? More to the point, try this out.



Most of the plethora of things that people do while high might not be that productive. But once you have the right tools above, it will always take you to the next level. Once you are high, you can never get bored; you need to try out something new as provided above. This will always give you exciting and positive results. At our shop, we do have all that you need. How high are you? Let’s get that through your comments below. This will help us in getting you the right and creative ideas to do while you are high